Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nina in Japan

Assalamualaikum wbth

Today is a very calming day for me.
The rain has dropped by just to say hello and hi...and it just disappeared after we greet each other.
It is so relaxing to enjoy your holiday without thinking of doing homework, assignment, bla...bla...bla
awesome ey!!!

I'm smiling at the memory.
I used to be addicted watching videos of a little girl.
She is so very much a wonderful + sweet + charming girl.
Her name is Nina and she is from Japan.
I always stalked her papa's youtube channel just to know what nina is doing day by day.
Actually the papa has been sharing videos of nina since she was born until she turned 6 this year.
All the videos of her are fascinating.
From what i read in his channel, he originally uploaded all the videos of nina mainly for his friends and family in the U.S could see how nina is progressing through life.
(papa is american n mama is japanese)
But since then, nina has made so many friends all over the world....including me,hehe

Her contagious laughter can really make your day (like what my friend say).
But, what i impressed the most about this little girl is she can speak both Japanese and English very well.
It's no doubt becuz her papa speaks English and mama used her japanese while communicating with her.
But of course she prefers to talk in Japanese since she's been raised there.
She also has a very adventurous life.
Her parents always take her to go for outdoor activities like camping, jungle tracking and also river hunting.
waaahh...what a great life she has.

For me, most of her videos are funny and can release my tension...
Moreover, she got a very cute wonder la sebab she is mixed

Just a few weeks ago, the papa uploaded nina's last video.
He said that its time for nina to disappear from the public eye since she will be entering elementary school.
So, that means there will be no more nina's videos.

Its ok!!!
I wish u all the best nina.
Keep spreading love yaw...hi3

click here to watch nina's videos (papa's channel)


making cake

nina the cute little girl

p/s :: wish to go to Japan someday...InsyaAllah:)


  1. hehe...nice entry dil..i can find that little girl named nina means alot to u..

  2. she just too cute...kawaii nina:)


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