Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Assalamualaikum 2013


i can't believe that i slept last night and woke up this morning in two different years
of course la cik padiputeh oii
last night was 31st Dec 2012 and today is 1st Jan 2013
i guess it may not too late for me to say good bye to the year 2012
the year full with many memorable memories
lots of things happened last year

ok...just let the pitcas do the highlights

my 3 months practicum days...the best prac eva,ehehh (jan-april)

our trip to kL...paling xleh lupe jatuh gedebak2 masa main ice skating >.< (March)

this was during ramadhan...breaking fast and tarawih together (august)

VIVA, this one was heart thrilling...the biggest event for this year kot,hehe (october)

nice ey? my best friend's e-day...who's turn is next? xoxo (october)

our grand dinner...a moment to remember (october)

the above pitcas are just some of the captured moments...and there actually were lots more that will be kept as unforgettable memories...will remain here in my heart and mind...cewahh

and the most important thing is i finally finish my degree study end of this year...officially
adios amigos everyone...walaupun baru sebulan being separated from u guys, i've been missing each one of u crazily...err,ehehe xde la sampai gila

may the year 2013 brings lots of happiness to me and u
moga dipermudahkan urusan posting
moga dapat lots of ibrah yang akan mematangkan diri yang serba kekurangan ini
be a good servant to Allah almighty
be a good daughter to great parents


  1. waalaikumussalam 2013:))

    dila..waaa..this is a super duper great entry!! kiranye sorotan 2012 lah kan..eheee..byk btul events time 2012 kan..yg pasti 2013 adalah permulaan kehidupan kite..why? because this is a CAREER year! Allah...please make us strong to face it..

    semoga 2013 dapat memberikan kebahagiaan dan kejayaan kat kita kan dila..dunia dan Akhirat..in shaa ALLAH :')

    Thanks 2012 for the great memorable events..yg baik jdikan pengajaran, yg buruk jom hapuskan skrg..eheee:))

    2013,please be nice to us:)))

    lots of luv: Irah:))

    noted:: Adehh this year dh 25..oh My God!! dila, jom tunang..huuu
    *pitam :P

  2. heheh...sorotan 2012, byk bnde kte dh tempuh thn lps kan irah?thnks for always being there for me...di kala suka+duka, u're the best of friend yg sy prnh ada...wuuuu,sebak T_T
    p/s: dh 25 kte ye cik irah, heee irah nk tunang ke nk kawen ke msti bgtau sy deh :)

  3. huu..same with me la dila..NURFADHILA MUHAMMAD is my best girl friend ever! byk ssh senang bersama..thanks dila:')

    *itu memang sudah jadi kewajipan..jgn x dtg ye! dila pun sama..kena WAJIB jemput irah..nak jdi penyepitttt...hihihi

  4. nk jd penyepit ye...jeluk xsae?kikikiki

  5. jeluk?? jeluk pun bolehhh.... haaaaa:)))


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