Thursday, September 13, 2012

tiring week

Assalamualaikum wbth

an exhausting week has passed
and yet three more to come
may Allah grant us strength and power to remain patient
in finishing our assignments
in finishing our degree

and like i said in previous post
i did become a zombie
the sleep deprivation makes me feel like i was in awang- awangan
esp during class session
i'm sorry for abusing my own body
my soul

so, this coming weekend is the time to get enough sleep
to regain energy
and free my mind from that dunya thingy

let's play

so..get a grip dear me
and friends
let's have a rest first
before continuing the battle next week

p/s::al-fatihah to Allayarham tn.hj. muhamed nata, our lecturer in ipg who passed away yesterday night
may Allah grant him jannah


  1. three esemen more..

    good luck dila:)



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