Saturday, September 15, 2012

of random thoughts

Assalamualaikum wbth

have you ever had a kind of guilty feeling?
i mean feeling guilty of doing wrong thing...wrong deed
its not about sins i'm talking about
(of course we should feel guilty of comitting sins...nauzubillah)
but wrong things
like makan+minum sambil berdiri
langgar lampu isyarat
haa...that kind of wrong things
some say if you cant say bismillah with what u r doing, then the thing u r doing is wrong

if the question is asked to me
i'll say
sometimes i do...n sometimes i don't know??
i do feel guilty when i always delay doing my assignments
i do feel guilty when i have to langgar the lampu isyarat when i'm in hurry
how if i don't know i'm doing wrong thing?? wake me up if any of you notice that i do
sometimes it just happened 
if i termarah u balik, then just scold me
its allowed^^
for the good sake

p/s:: tiba-tiba merapu tengah2 malam ni...hew hew hew

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