Friday, September 23, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbth

Hey folks!! how are you? me? alhamdulillah...i'm sihat-sihat saja,hehe

Actually i made this post just to tell you guys and the whole world (wowww, seluruh dunia tuu) dat all assignments for this semester have been already submitted and dat means no more sleeping late (sometimes i din sleep at all *sigh*) ... alangkah bahagianya :)

However pun...i shouldn't be toO happy actually
because the examination will be coming soOn...
and i"m sure that i'll transfer myself into an insomniac...againn....errr
ye lah...who on earth would sleep soundly during nights of exams right???? keh3
i'm actually a kind of student who prefer to study last minute...
(like most of the students out ke??hehe)
apa- apa pun kena ingat cik dila oii...semua kerja buat mesti lillahitaala...
oh Allah...please forgive me

Ok folks...
before i end this post, i'd like to share with all of u some pictures....
what pics?
the pics were taken during all the rumah terbukas that i and my prens have join...
p/s::moOd hari raya still ada eventhough it will come to an end soOn...just few more days left before syawal melabuhkan tirainya...

starting with cik Bar's house (kenduri kawen abangnya)

then we moved to cik syar's house

Next: rumah biey (de rumah is so beautiful)

@rumah amru
mt1 crew: sambutan raya maths department

mt1_mt2 crew : sambutan raya maths department

There's one more year left for us to be together before we start a new chapter of our lives...
wat life??
life of becoming a real teacher...:))
manfaatkan masa yang ada bersama teman-teman ye kawan2 semua...
nanti macam susah dah nak kumpul ramai-ramai macam ni...uhuuu, agak sadis di situ
but life must go on...we must keep moving forward, not backward...errr

ok, i thinks dats all from me...
Wait for my next hapdet ye..:)

p/s::special thanks to cik syar yang sudi menulis dalam blogku yang xseberapa ni(the entry before this entry)...heee~~~

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