Thursday, August 9, 2012

where is the mood

Assalamualaikum wbth

they are my lovable classmates

being busy
with research writing
 the phenomenon happening right now in my place
all of them are busy writing theirs
but me...not yet
it's just that i can't find the mood
when they are busy discussing, i just get busy talking
when they are busy typing, i just get busy snapping pictures
but not to worry
i'll find that so called mood of writing
and best of luck to all my friends
rabbuna yusahhil

p/s:: minggu depan will be submitting our first draft >.< 


  1. all the best dila..nurfadhila muhammad pasti boleh..:))

    always luv u..syarifahmunirah:)

  2. all the best too syarifah...semoga Allah memberkati:)

    luv you more :))


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