Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Assalamualaikum wbth

it has been a while
i've been ignoring this so-called lovable blog of mine
the 3 weeks holiday will come to an end soon
lots of beautiful memories been created through out this hols
sweet memoir with nephew and nieces of course
they came back to their hometown
to meet their tok ayoh, nenek, aunties, cu tah +++
guess what
they have grown up
faster than i expected
oredy know how to do that...how to do this
still the same cheeky n silly n childish
mestilah childish sebab kan masih budak2 lagi

but now
by the time i'm writing this post
they have oredy gone
back for goOd
belajar rajin-rajin deh semua
aunty ala will miss all of you
especially along
along yang perangai macam adik
i'll miss his trademark
"habis tu along nak buat apa???"
he'd say this 
whenever dah tak tahu nak buat apa
whenever kami tak bagi dia main tengah panas terik tengah hari
whenever he's bored
his ummi n abah went for umrah for about 10 days
so along and his adik humairah had stayed with us during the 10-day absence of their parents
their sepupus ija n angah were also here
they came back early than their parents
sis-in-law ade kelas tambahan kat sekolah
so both of them were exported here first

now everyone has gone
teratak tok ayah n nenek dah sunyi balik dah
yang tinggal kami berempat je
tok ayah + nenek + aunty ala + cu tah
next week it'll become more quiet
because the two of us will be on the go

dah tengah malam
need to stop writing then
nyte everyone

bismikallahumma ahya waamuut

p/s: start the day with something sweet, and end it with something sweeter (love lesson from hlovate)


  1. LOL...u got 4 months to strive and call urself as a student, then, u will be a teacher..Insyallah..pray for that ya.. :-)

    errr..padil..wanna ask u to change my URL bloglist...

    www.dzuandiey.blogspot.com ----> www.dzuandiey.com

    TQ..hehehe.. :-)

  2. in sya Allah...can't wait to be a real teacher... i know u'll gonna miss me,but wat to do, setiap pertemuan ada perpisahan...haha

    1. Hihihihi...ya...exactly right..don't mention it..who knows u n me will teach at da same school...lol.. :-)

      thanks for change the URL..hahaha.. :-)


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