Saturday, April 7, 2012

of lesson reporting

Assalamualaikum wbth

Another blissful weekend
Tapi banyak kerja perlu diberesin
Inilah akibatnya kalau bertangguh kerja
Lesson plan dah tukar jadi lesson report :p

Letih weh wat goni banyok2
Lepas ni xsae bertangguh doh

A lot of things happenend last week
one of my Mathematics students had given me headache
a heavy one
I just donno what else to do to him
he happened to be a very 'rock headed' child
Semoga Allah melembutkan hatinya untuk menerimaku
dan semoga aku dikurniakan kesabaran yang tinggi untuk menghadapi that little boy

there's still a good news about last week
the final observation for my minor subject which is English Language has finally done
and it was a success
thanks a bunch to my 4 Cemerlang students
for participating actively during the lesson
and also a very thank you to my observer,
Madam Faridah Tahir
you are very inspiring
I've learnt a lot from you

"don't put so much stress on yourself even you are facing a very big problem. Just take it easy"

Insya Allah...i will remember ur advice

p/s:: waiting for the last observation for my major subject....oh Raja Ali, please behave T_T

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